The Making of a Marketing Plan

The Key is Understanding

In order to make a strong social media marketing plan you need to properly understand your target audience. It is with this understanding companies can identify what they are providing to keep their consumers interested. Also, it aids them when trying to discover how to intrigue new customers. Below, you will find three examples of how understanding your current standings can allow for future business.

  1. Since its establishment in 1962, Sony has been providing customers with a variety of entertainment and technology. In particular, their PlayStation 4 has sold over ten-million units. Now, gaming in the United States stands at sixty percent male and forty percent female. Yet, while males find interest in a variety of systems, females are mainly found on one competitor’s system. PlayStation can grow more customers by targeting these female gamers.
  2. It was a simple idea that led to CamelBak in 1988. What started as hands-free hydration has grown into somewhat of a lifestyle. Their products include water bottles, backpacks, holders, and more. These products are popular among adventure enthusiasts, and by targeting a younger audience the brand can continue its mission to educate and hydrate their consumers.
  3. Virgin Airlines has been gracing our skies since 1984. After Virgin Airlines sold forty-nine percent of their steak to Singapore Airlines, the airline has stood tall among the top airline rankings. Even after catering to thousands every day, there are little reports of issues like lost luggage or denied access. With this information, marketing towards traveling families is sure to increase revenue.

Setting Realistic Goals

With a clear understanding of your company, you then have the ability to set realistic goals. Be sure to read through the research behind your customers. Also, take to social media to get a clearer understanding of their thoughts and opinions towards your brand. It is through the consumer that you will find success.


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