Marketing with Mobile Networks

The World in Your Hand

We’ve got the whole world in our hands. Today, these words seem to be truer than ever. Our smartphones have grown from cellular paperweights to a hub for which the entire internet can be accessed. With just the tap of a button, we know the history of every corporation and the definition to every word. We live in a world where the answer to every question can be answered depending on the speed of your internet service provider.

With the addition of global positioning, we never have to worry about losing our sense of direction. There is little fear of becoming lost, and many smartphone applications offer users with the ability to check in with their friends. This allows the user to inform their friends of their location, and it allows the business to know how often guests enter their doors.

Connecting with TED

For TED, a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, they never have to worry about discovering how many individuals are attending their events. Only a select amount of people can attend these events, so TED conferences usually sell out quickly. However, for the individuals lucky enough to attend the conference, guests are asked to download the TEDConnect application. This branded social and location-based network allows attendees with an opportunity to browse the event’s schedule, message other attendees, and find venues throughout the area.

For those who lack the funds of attending a TED conference, the TED Talk application is available for free download onto your mobile device. Users have the opportunity to download talks, store their favorites, and share the videos on their preferred social media platform. Users are also given the option to be surprised with a TED Talk. This is done by selecting a category and the amount of free time that you have. Videos are then selected on behalf of that information.

Marketing Social Network Applications

Thanks to TED’s strong social media presence, the discovery of their application is easy to come across. TED actively asks its audience to download the application, that way you literally spread ideas as you make your morning or evening commutes. TED also has a section on their site dedicated to where you can find their Talks.

Now, there are many reasons as to why TED should use these mobile applications. For one, it allows their mobile audience to continue to be engaged with their brand. Not many of us have time to sit at a computer to become educated. With a smartphone application, users can listen to these Talks while waiting for the bus, riding on the bus, and even getting off the bus. As for TEDConnect, this application is used to increase networking. TED conferences bring together the best and brightest that the world has to offer. Naturally, these individuals will want to get together in order to express their ideas.

Mobile is not Moving

Mobile networks are here to stay. We are living in a world that is constantly on the move. Therefore, we need to cater to the individuals that just do not have time to take a breath. What TED has been able to do is provide the moving community with the opportunity to feel inspired while never even stopping to grab a coffee. They have also provided a great networking application to keep their ideas in discussion. The reason it works is because they understand their target market.

For business interested in incorporating their own applications, they must first understand their goals. Do they want to increase consideration for their products, or maybe they want to increase brand awareness? By understanding your market, you build advocators for your business. So, while many users are happy to have the world in their hands, you can smile knowing that the power is in yours.


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