A Tweet to TurboTax

Deadline Day

Every year in April, millions of Americans hurry to submit their individual income tax. If you happen to wait until April 15th, you will find the process to be long and overwhelming. However, there is way around this chaos, and it is through online tax filing. The process is quick and easy. Perhaps that is the reason 27 million people chose to submit their taxes online last year. There are many tax preparation softwares to choose from, such as TurboTax, which stands strong among the crowd.

Created in the 1980’s, TurboTax originated from Intuit, Inc., which was cofounded by Scott Cook and Tom Prouix. Faced with the challenge of having to rewin their customers annually, the team took to Twitter in hopes of attracting customers. From their introduction to Twitter in 2008, they gained over fifteen million followers by April 2009.

Tweeting to Success

Now, what led their team to such success? The main reason was through name recognition. In politics, name recognition can help a candidate immensely. The more individuals that know the name of the candidate the more likely they are to vote for them. The same goes for TurboTax. Due to their popularity, the software was well known, and they were able to direct users to their Twitter feed.

What Twitter provided for TurboTax was a direct connection to their customers.  This allowed them to build rapport with those who asked tax related questions. This increased brand trust and the likeliness that the customer would purchase their services again. Unfortunately, as April 15th approaches, more and more questions are asked. This can be hectic for the professionals working to answer these questions in a timely manner. Yet, with the help of additional software to ensure questions are asked, there is hardly a question that goes unanswered.

The hardest part about Intuit’s business is that tax season lasts around fifteen weeks. So, when it comes time to use their software, individuals are filled with plenty of questions about their service. Still, even with all these questions, TurboTax is communicating with their consumers without having to initiate the conversation. Through the answering of questions, TurboTax aims to make tax season as pain-free as possible.

Creating Word-Of-Mouth Soldiers

With the introduction of social media came the advancement of word-of-mouth advertising. When an individual is happy with the help they received from a company, then they typically inform their friends about their experience. When a customer’s friend asks about tax software on Facebook, that customer can inform them of the experience they had on Twitter. The conversation is then seen by many other individuals. It is another form of successful marketing that comes absolutely free.

Communicative Brand Building

The most important thing about actively engaging with your audience online is that you are able to answer customer questions quickly and intelligently. A positive conversation will rewin customers down the road, but a negative one can create tension between the customer and those they inform of the experience. However, more often than not, these experiences will lead to a more trusted brand image. It is a strong technique that can be filled under “success.”

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