The Predicted Future of Social Media

A Walk in the Woods

Imagine walking into a forest far away from civilization. You walk into the deepest part of the woods to discover a very large tree. After sometime, you decide that it is best to head back knowing you may not return for quite some time. Yet, you know not to worry, because that tree in the deep, deep forest will be there when you come back. This is known for one reason: there is no human around for miles.

A Hand in Change

For social media, it is a very different story. As the years progress, our decisions will drastically change the look and functions of today’s social medias. Not only will our current social medias change, but new ones are sure to emerge popular throughout the world. With new technologies being developed, new networks and applications are being created specifically for them.

So, how do we plan for the change of social media? Well, unless you are the founder of these social medias, nobody knows for sure. However, that does not mean you cannot speculate where some of these medias are heading. For instance, in the article The Future of Social Media: Snapchat, author Steve Tobak expresses that Snapchat has successfully hit the Generation Z target market. Due to that, they believe it will compete with the likes of both Twitter and Facebook as a strong social media platform.

As for Twitter, the article Twitter’s future: how high can it fly? discusses how Twitter is looking more likely to include digital advertising. During its induction, many believed Twitter to be a direct competitor of Facebook and Google. Yet, research shows that the amount of Twitter users has slowed. In order to appeal to advertisers, it appears the social network may be introducing new advertising options to effectively reach a given company’s target market. Some features include upgraded targeting techniques and more mobility.

Now, what can we expect from the largest social media giant? Writer Aaron Lee has a few ideas as to where he believes Facebook to be headed. First, Lee writes that the reach will ultimately decrease. Through my work at a social media marketing company, I have seen this first hand. Business will have to expect to increase their ad budgets in order to increase their impressions. Lee also writes that Facebook may become another version of our wallet. Features may be included in which users or business may upload items for sale that individuals will then be able to purchase. Lastly, as we become more visual, videos will be more widely used.

Still, there is so much more to expect from social media throughout the coming years. Writer Grant Pardee’s article about the future of social media takes us through an easy to believe journey as to where social media may be headed. The article discusses how many individuals were excited with the amount of people we could share information with. However, the future will see us as being much more selective about who gets the information. Also, more users will be more likely to share branded material that relates to them.

User Impact

All in all, these are all just assumptions about the future. Many of us have difficulties predicting our own lives, let alone our favorite social media’s. The only thing that is know for sure is that each of us will personally have an impact on the way it changes. Unlike the untouched tree far in the woods, social media is surrounded by hands from all over the world. So, you can guarantee it will not be the same when you return to it after some time away.


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