Pictures Worth Spreading

Saying a Thousand Words

Pictures are like stored memories. They capture our most treasured experiences and, for some, our most horrifying. When we choose to show another our pictures, then we show them a little bit about our life. If you think about it, it is a truly strong act of getting better connected with another. Sharing photographs is like spreading our experiences, our passions, or ever our ideas.

Now, TED Talks believes in ideas worth spreading. Individuals from every corner of the earth come together to share stories, research, and theories to better inform the world of what is and has been discovered. Yet, when pictures alone say one thousand words, why not better incorporate images into their cause? There are plenty of ideas worth spreading, and now there will be an album full of pictures as well.

A Visual Community

So, how would TED share these amazing pictures with the world? Well, by creating an online community dedicated to pictures worth spreading. This could be held in a discussion board, blog, their Facebook page, or on a created photo sharing network on their site. After a call to action by TED, individuals would be able to upload their impactful images onto TED’s chosen media device.

From there, users will then be able to write a short summary about the image. The images could be from a non-profit organization, a freelance photographer, or even a teenager with a camera phone. Yet, each image must coincide with TED’s pursuit to educate others through technology, education, and design. Comments will be allowed on the images for a stronger sense of education and togetherness. This allows for more understanding of what may be going on throughout the world without having to sit individuals down to watch a ten minute presentation.

TED Benefits

What is great for TED is that they may then use these photographs on their own social media sites. Individuals that upload their images will be prompted to allow TED to utilize these images while still giving credit to the photographer. This allows the most influential user pictures to be spread as a way of educating TED’s audience.

Also, TED can use these photos to discover new opportunities for conferences. For example, if an individual uploads a picture about what their organization has been doing to help a cause, then TED could contact them and provide an opportunity for the organization to share their story at a conference. This gives TED the opportunity to easily find high quality content for their organization. Furthermore, it would allow for a new variety of public speakers.

An Album of Ideas

Through the inclusion of photo sharing, TED will be opening a door to a whole new way of spreading ideas. Photos have become a huge part of life, and will continue to be for many years to come. There is so much that can be said through a simple image, and TED provides an opportunity for these stories to be heard. It is an open community of individuals that want to see the world change for the better. One image at a time.


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