Connecting Through Video

One Giant Leap for Brand Awareness

Social media can be very intimidating. With millions of active users, brands have to be sure that they communicate as effectively as possible. One small mistake can leave a huge impression on the online community, and a negative impact takes quite some time to fade away. For The Home Depot, their nervousness to join social media was entirely justifiable. Before adapting to their current social media platforms, the company had a stand out reputation as a well-respected brand, and they did not want to affect their current standings. It was through careful consideration of provided content in which the company successfully joined the world of social media.

YouTube DIY

The Home Depot’s strongest consumer base at that time was the “do-it-yourself” individuals. With a wide variety of building equipment, The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. It was through this target market in which The Home Depot discovered an effective way to reach out strongly on YouTube and other social medias. They established a set of “how-to” videos that allowed for interaction between their brand and their customers. It was as if their customers had access to HGTV, but could view whatever program they wanted at whatever time they preferred. Also, they set the stage for similar brands such as Lowes and Ace Hardware.

It is About Authenticity

Yet, what makes these videos so effective? A large part has to do with the fact that these are real employees offering instructional guides. This creates two strong impressions among viewers: The Home Depot is able to personify their brand, and the viewers can trust that their employees are properly trained when at a store. Also, it adds authenticity, because these are typically easy to do projects without phony pizazz.

The Impact of YouTube

What YouTube was able to provide for The Home Depot was an easy way to distribute their brand message. YouTube has a plethora of active users, and the ease of use is great for all ages. Moreover, YouTube allows for easy sharing capabilities which allowed for an easier reach of their target market. Had The Home Depot refrained from posting on YouTube, their exposure would have been significantly less than what it is today.

A Trustworthy Brand

These personal videos show that building brand trust starts with the basics. Consumers do not need flashy lights or celebrity endorsements. All they need is to see an employee that genuinely believes in the company’s product. As I said earlier, this allows for the brands personality to show through to the customer. Furthermore, it gives the consumer the idea that with the help of The Home Depot their constructions goals can be met.

Content Equals Customers

No matter what social media you choose to express your message, remember that it comes down to the customer. If there is no relatable content then there is no need to interact. Also, never attempt to position your brand in an unfitting way. You may lose reputation and customers. Still, social media allows for many opportunities to try new things. As long as your decisions are well thought out, do not be afraid to take some risks.

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