A Voice for the Internet

Speaking to the Public

Regardless of what you believe, everybody has something important to say. Now, it may not be important to everybody, but it is surely important to somebody. You may have insight on a new video game, or perhaps you want to discuss your current Oscar predications.  There is an audience, but the trick is discovering the right people who want to hear what you are saying.

With podcasts, anybody has the opportunity to become an online personality. Podcasts are downloadable media files that are episodic. They cover whatever topic the host chooses to discuss, and they are usually free to listen to. iTunes hosts many podcasts that you can listen to whenever you want. For this blog, I will review three different podcasts based on the content they cover.

IGN Game Scoop

IGN Game Scoop opens with a fun introductory song that demonstrates the fun and lively podcast that is yet to come. Four different hosts make up this show. At first thought, it would be believed that the four hosts would stumble over one another. Instead, the personalities of these guys go so well together that each hosts gets the chance to say their dues without getting cut off.

The hosts do a great job expressing their knowledge of video games for this podcast. If this had been a podcast featuring hosts new to the gaming industry it would not have the popularity that it has. Listeners can trust the judgments of these hosts, because they have experienced gaming across several different platforms.

The podcast changes between gaming news to reviews to answering gaming questions. Each topic is discussed in detail and every question is answered as such. For anybody interested in gaming, this is a podcast to fit your personality.

Inside The New York Times Book Review: ‘H is for Hawk’

The beginning of this podcast really sets off with a professional tone. A violin introduction opens on a very articulate and well educated host. The show starts off with the host interviewing a woman who read the book H is for Hawk. The two discuss the ideas behind the book and the sport of falconry.

The second segment of this podcast discusses the upcoming literary world. The host brings in a new guest to discuss authors of American poetry. During the show, the guest reads a poem from an author that had recently passed away. They also discuss lost manuscripts from Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss.

Altogether, this podcast is aimed at a very set demographic. All the guests sound to be well educated, older individuals. What this podcast does to stand out amongst other book reviews is that the content being discussed is not only about the author, but they also discuss the themes that the books cover. You can tell that each individual on the podcast cares deeply about literary works.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour

A fun guitar interlude begins the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour. This podcast discusses the 2015 Oscar nominees and the stories behind them. They start by discussing the films that are nominated for best picture and what they liked and disliked about them. The hosts do a good job of mixing professional expertise and humor throughout the podcast.

They also discuss the cultural aspects behind these films. As the show goes on, the hosts become more opinionated. When discussing Boyhood, tensions between the hosts begin to flare up, and it does get a little bit uncomfortable. I also felt that it may infuriate listeners of the podcast with their own opinions.

The end of the show talks about things that are making the hosts happy. One hosts gives a song recommendation, two give a movie recommendation, and the last discusses an upcoming event that they get to help with. It allows for the hosts to get more personal with their listeners. Lastly, it gives the listener good feelings as the podcast comes to a close.

Signing Off

Thanks to technology, we all have a voice. We can share our interests with the world, whether the world wants to listen or not. Regardless of your interests, it is a good idea to open up to new ideas and listen to a topic they you may not enjoy at first. Who knows, the idea may grow on you. If not, you can always make a podcast about your attempt to try something new!


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