The Power of Personas

Gather Your Personas

When implementing an effective social media strategy, it is important to know your target market. These target markets make up the bulk of your consumers, and it is important to understand their needs. However, it is also important to note that your target audience is a broad group, and attempting to target them all will cause your marketing campaign to fail. That is why you should be sure to break your target market down into different personas.

Personas are subgroups of your target market that share similar demographics, constraints, and needs and wants. Think of it as creating individual Facebook groups for your target market. Personas with similar demographics can share the same age range, geographical location, and religious beliefs. Constraints can include limitations such as language barriers or poor internet access. Now, needs and wants offer the company the chance to show these personas what they have to offer. This is where marketers decide how they are going to turn these personas into consumers.

Persona Profiles

Earlier this week I posted about TED’s strong consumer base. TED’s foundation centers on spreading ideas about technology, entertainment, design, and more. TED talks cover many different topics, so signifying only one individual persona would be quite difficult. Let’s break down the target market into the personas that cover the technology, entertainment, and design aspects of TED.

The Technologically Savvy Educator

Many educators enjoy showcasing TED talks as a way of teaching their students. While TED offers a variety of content, teachers are most interested in the talks that will inspire their students. They also may be interested in videos that demonstrate the latest technology and educational theories.

In today’s classroom, students are seeking visual stimulation when learning. With their understanding of technology, they get that students need that visual activity to stay interested. These teachers are commonly younger than most other educators. They may be fresh out of school showcasing a new perspective to teaching.

The Entertained College Student

College students are required to take many different classes when perusing their degree. Thanks to TED, those students have a variety of resource videos to use for any and all subjects. Although these students are looking for quality content, their also looking to be entertained.

These students are generally in their upper teens to lower twenties. They attend both universities and colleges across the country. These students are typically more intelligent than their classmates, but carry many of the same characteristics. They enjoy new ideas and popular trending topics.

The Business Executive Artist

Business professionals are constantly looking to enhance their company. With TED, they have access to numerous leadership videos that can help them better their company. Like an artist, they take lessons from different videos and apply them to their own teams.

The business professionals are aged around their thirty’s to forty’s. They have easy access to internet, and they often share the videos they enjoy through email and post them on LinkedIn. They may even travel to conferences or present ideas at conventions themselves.

Utilize Your Personas

By catering to a variety of personas, you are able to branch your company across more social media platforms. In doing so, you have a greater opportunity to spread your company’s message. In the end, you get to hear more feedback from your consumers, and you build stronger relationships as you head into the future.

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