Understanding Your Client Base

Channeling Your Audience

Ever since the dawn of marketing, understanding your client base has been the key to success. Without a clear understanding, well, you risk losing interest from your consumers. Now, not all of your customers are going to be related to the same demographic. For instance, think about the customers in a sports bar. Their target market could range from college students to middle-aged beer connoisseurs. Discovering these groups can lead to returning business. However, finding your target market is only half of the marketing process. The other is understanding your target market.

Socializing With Your Client Base

Understanding your customers provides you with the knowledge of where to market. This doesn’t just mean deciding what magazine to publish in or what television show to place a commercial. It means understanding the way they speak, act, and think. Social media allows for an easy and cost effective way for your company to discover these habits. Learning how to interact with them helps show your customers you care, and it shows that you comprehend exactly what they are looking for.

Successful Social Media Interaction

One company with a strong consumer base is TED. TED is a nonprofit that holds conferences devoted to spreading ideas about technology, entertainment, design, and more. With pillars structured around technology, entertainment, and design, one might understand their social media footprint. By spreading their brand across all major social media sites, they provide the opportunity for each of their consumers to connect on the platforms they enjoy most.

Facebook allows TED to interact on a personal level. Today, the amount of Facebook users have surpassed 1.3 billion, and the users are spread all across the world. Since TED conferences take place throughout different countries, Facebook provides a way to connect with these consumers across the planet. Twitter allows for TED to bring the most current information about their conferences. For consumers where time is money, this platform is a real blessing. TED uses Instagram as a way to target their younger and more artistic consumers. These images showcase inspiring, moving images and video. Through these social medias, their consumers are given the opportunity to share these posts and updates with their own friends and followers, which allows for even more consumer growth.

Reap the Benefits

With social media, marketers have been given a never-ending supply of consumer data. This data provides an understanding of where your consumers stand and where they plan on heading. By establishing strong connections, your company will continue to grow through new and repeat business. With different demographics dominating select social medias, it is up to you to invest time in which platform will generate the best business. You can visit Pew Research Center for current social media statistics and information.

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