The Importance of Communication

Social Media Communication

Communication has always been a key necessity. Since the beginning of civilization, communication was the fulcrum that separated the weak from the powerful. Thanks to the world of social media, everybody has the opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings however they choose. This is because it is now easier than ever to send and receive messages. These messages can be as simple as wishing somebody happy birthday, or widespread such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For me, the advancement of communication is an interesting topic that never gets dull. No matter the message, social media has allowed for individuals to be much more vocal and informative.

Communication in Action

One of the earliest and most prominent examples of communication in action can be identified in the YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars.” The story revolves around Dave Carroll, a member of the music group Sons of Maxwell. While Carroll was transferring planes in Chicago back in 2008, his band noticed United Airlines’ crew mishandling their instruments. When Carroll brought the mishandling to United Airline’s attention, they refused to help or compensate Carroll for the damages that occurred to his guitar.

With nothing but dead end conversations, Carroll realized he had to take matters into his own hands. He took to social media site YouTube, and he uploaded a music video titled “United Breaks Guitars.” The video went viral, causing United Airlines to contact Carroll expressing their willingness to fix his guitar. The video had a huge negative impact on United Airlines, and informed the world of the importance of social media communication.

The Impact of Communication

Social media has changed the way we connect and communicate with one another. This story is a staple that showcases the power we have with the help of these social networks. Social media will continue to grow, and the ability to communicate will become easier than ever. Businesses need to understand the importance of responding to these messages before any damage occurs. After all, social media marketing is about collaborating and working towards well established relationships.

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One thought on “The Importance of Communication

  1. Your “United Breaks Guitars” example is a cool example of how social media has changed circumstances for people. I’m going to now look up what United did after that, if anything. It also kind of makes me feel like if a company wrongs me and nothing comes to justice I could take to social media. But alas I am not a rockstar so it probably wouldn’t go viral.


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