Social Media & Me

It’s About Being Connected

Everyone has a purpose for using social media. Some use it to stay up to date on their favorite company, while others use it to feel close to their long-distance family. Whatever the reason, there is one common theme: social media keeps us connected.

Thanks to fast paced internet, we are able to stay up to date on the most current information. We can then share this information with the click of a button, or by the touch of a finger. Not only that, but social media allows everyone to feel equal; it’s as if each of our voices were on the same volume level. Sure, that can get some with type-happy hands into trouble, but it also gives them the chance to right their wrong.

For me, these connections are everything.

Business or Pleasure?

Working at a social media marketing company, I’ve found different reasons to enjoy social media. For the purpose of this post, I have broken my favorites into business and pleasure.

Business: Twitter

In our day and age, news from last week can feel entirely outdated. This feeling is largely due to the microblogging site Twitter, and it’s discussed in the article “Are Twitter, Facebook spoiling the Olympics?” In the article, CBS described the difficulty individuals had with Olympic spoilers from both news stations and athletes. Both parties were eager to inform the world of wins, but didn’t realize many countries had yet to see the events air. These spoils then perpetuated others to complain of the spoilers, which in turn informed more users.

Twitter allows for users to easily spread information under 140 characters. Individuals can then retweet or reply, allowing for more impressions. Due to the character limit, users must generate interest creatively. This can be done easily through pictures and hashtags. Also, with its ability to easily sync with other platforms, businesses can actively keep their customers informed.

Pleasure: Vine

Launched in January of 2013, Vine quickly rose up the social ladder. Vine is owned by Twitter, and uses the same minimalistic approach in their video capturing application. Users are allowed a total of six seconds to send a message. For some, six seconds is hardly enough time to tell a story. For me, six seconds is the perfect amount of time to tell a story, and it’s also is short enough to keep viewers interested.

During the bombing of the Boston marathon, people took to Vine to stay informed on the situation. In the article “How Vine Climbed to the Top of the Social Media Ladder,” author Mat Honan described that Vine had become an integral part of informing the world of what had actually happened that day. Furthermore, the article also discusses how news stations have begun to create their own Vine accounts for a stronger online presence.

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t leaving anytime soon. The various characteristics these programs possess allows for a variety of possibilities. Marketers have known this for quite some time. In the article “70% of Marketers Will Spend More on Social Media This Year,” author Christopher Heine informs his audience that of the 5,000 marketers he polled, 70% plan on increasing their social media budgets.

Due to the ability to like interests on platforms such as Facebook, marketers have a clearer idea of how to target their ads. Not only has Facebook benefited the ads you see, but the information you search for online also plays a role in your personalized advertisements. For me, these ads were much more subtle; they stayed along the edge of the screen and out of my feed. These ads are now incorporated in some way, shape, or form into what has become an important part of my life.

Off to the Future

It is hard to say where social media will take us as we head into the future. Social media has already changed the way we listen to the radio and watch television.  It has changed the way we communicate and the way we stay informed. I don’t know where it is headed, but I do know that it’s here to stay.

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One thought on “Social Media & Me

  1. Superb article, Aaron. Well written and it shows you are already ahead of the curve when it comes to many of the concepts well be covering this semester. I look forward to seeing what you can do with this class. 🙂


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